My artistic enquiry begins with a deep reverence for nature and the lessons to be found by observing it.  My artwork reflects an inner landscape that mirrors both the visible and hidden in nature.

The language I use is pared down and abstract with only an echo of the actual organic forms. A combining of traditional techniques in mixed media allows for an exploration of the themes of relationship, acceptance, compassion and love.  There is for me an inseparable flow between materials and inspiration.

The wide range of materials I use: paper, ink, pigment, wool, linen, silk, jute, wax, wool, wire, metallic foil and found objects contrasts with my choice of minimalistic expression in the process of making art.  The materials are further molded and folded, crunched, soaked, deconstructed and reconstructed, glazed and painted to be placed, glued, hung and combined.  

I respect the character of each material.  If it is paper, it is important to honor its natural folding and bending, using the thickness or transparency to its full potential.  I listen to the sounds the material makes.  My senses join in the dance of the process.  Mood is echoed in color and form. One part  of the artwork calls to another.  Moments of pure physical pleasure are threaded with the spiritual quality of meditative enquiry.

I am an observer, primarily in an urban setting, living the here and now.

Making art is the gate to my world.